Our Services

Bobby Hancock opened On Trak Automotive Services in July of 2000 after managing a parts store for 17 years. Equipped with car knowledge, he wanted to offer something different in the car repair industry. He heard time and time again from his parts store customers how they felt taken advantage of, talked down to and made to feel incompetent because of their lack of automobile knowledge. He could relate to his customers concerns and decided to do something about it. He wanted to make car repairs less stressful by offering a one stop repair facility for most of his customers' needs. More importantly, he wanted to be sure to educate his customers and explain in plain English the repairs their cars needed. Bobby wanted to make sure all of his clients, regardless of gender or age, felt empowered and knowledgeable about their vehicle's needs.

We do business in a small town country way. That means that here, our word means something, and people are treated like people, not numbers. We want our customers to know that with us, there is still a market for quality, because we know cheap work makes no one happy. We want to be proud of our work, and we want you to have confidence in it. Anyone can sell a service, but it takes an honest company that does quality work to stand behind their services after they have been completed. We feel strongly about doing work right the first time, and if a mistake is made, we want you to know we will be there to fix it.

Our hard work to provide reputable services is what got us voted best auto repair shop in Wythe county three years in a row. However, our work hasn't just paid off professionally. We are delighted to see our community benefit and grow when we participate in and help sponsor the Relay for Life, the Humane Society, Juvenile Diabetes, and our shop's annual Veteran's Day appreciation event.

For services you can count on from a shop that supports you and your community, come to On Trak Automotive Services.